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tv   [untitled]    October 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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turkey suffers thousand strong antiwar protests as activists accuse the government of stoking tensions with syria by approving cross border military action. plans in syria rebels threaten to actually cued forty eight iranian hostages to within two days the us that a government does not comply with their demands and really captured opposition fighters. thousands of islam as a call for change in the jordanian capital amman as part of a massive rally that threatens to shuttle the solid monarchy. and italy's the biggest cities turning into a conflict zone with student classroom with fleas and the latest show of fury in
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the dead ridden e.u. . there was already a live from moscow with me tom would say we start off in syria where the free syrian army says in two days they could start executing forty eight you runyan pull groups they kidnapped in august the thread would be carried out of the syrian regime does not fulfill demands to release rebel fighters and stop shelling john laughland from the paris base in-situ job democracy and corporation says the should lead the world to the nature of the rebels' fight in syria. i think it does underline the nature of at least some elements within the syrian rebels who of course are presented in most of the western media as freedom fighters if they were to carry out their threat to execute these hostages and i think people would
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understand that we are dealing with a very vicious insurgency and one which any state would be intitled and indeed obliged to try to put down. this isn't the first time that they have done things like this there's been reports in the western media going back months telling how the syrian rebels would slip the throats of the syrian army soldiers that they captured so it's something they've done before admittedly against their own nationals. in turkey's two biggest cities a thousands have months to protest what they say is the government escalating tension against syria but what began as a peaceful demonstration in the capital to an violent when riot police moved in to disperse the crowd tear gas water cannons and smoke grenades were used to break the ranks of activists unhappy with the current policies of turkey's ruling party protests is also left out of the international media say the u.s. and its western allies are forcing propaganda the wave of popular it is content was
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spotted by the turkish parliament approving calls for the military actions in syria on thursday the motion followed mortar shells being fired from inside syria they killed five people in the turkish border town. retaliated by launching a tillery fire on syrian targets with two consecutive days former pentagon official michael maloof says turkey's entry into the syrian conflict could be a set up. you've got opposition forces there there and they are desperate. low on ammunition there and i think they would love to have turkey get into the get into the fight they're moving they've moved their headquarters from turkey into to syria and that's going to set up a logistical problem for them in coordination with forces inside of turkey to bring in more ammunition and and logistics to back them up but it would
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be an easier way than to set up a situation where where you bring turkey into the into the fight and in order to provide that kind of. i don't rule that out. and that's all of us working there in that in that region there they're very very good at that kind of. at the u.n. syria's envoy expresses government sympathies of the turkish casualties and also to surance is that an investigation is under way at the same time he called on syria's neighbors including turkey to stop a terrorist infiltrating into the conflict torn country across the border artie's marina but neither has the latest from the u.n. security council in new york the u.n. security council agreed and issued a presidential statement strongly condemning wednesday's mortar attack by syria on a turkish border town that as we already heard has killed people in injured several
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others the council called on the syrian government to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors and the calls on all concerned parties to exercise maximum restraint a presidential statement issued by the council also demanded that quote such violations of international law stop immediately and are not repeated mortar fire from syria had a town in turkey on wednesday and that's when the security council began deliberating this presidential statement earlier on thursday the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon also voiced his alarm at escalating tensions along the syrian turkish border and the u.n. itself there's a lot of divisions over how to solve this crisis that it escalates and everybody within the security council in the u.n. is trying to ease tensions that are growing now really within syria and now on the border between syria and turkey. in just a few minutes we'll be talking to a lawyer and political analyst soon be real about the as collating situation
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surrounding syria stay with us for that. now thousands of islam as opposition supporters have gathered in the jordanian capital amman to demand reform that says by the king having already dissolved the parliament the rally was organized by the jordanian wing of the muslim brotherhood artie's policia reports from a much. thousands of people are gathering here in the jordanian capital of amman and where the muslim brotherhood is organized a demonstration and at the time the friday of this country's salvation now people have very strong demands and a lot of criticism against the jordanian government they're calling for constitutional reforms to be implemented they're calling for a fair electoral law they want to see all political prisoners released and at the same time they're also saying that government needs to root out corruption now this is a protest that has attracted not only brotherhood supporters there are people here from all political factions the police is on high guard all the roads leading here
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have been closed since the early hours of friday morning the king is well aware of the mood on the streets and that is why he is calling for early elections at the end of this year but the brotherhood is away he said that it plans to boycott those elections the arab spring which began back in january last year has largely bypassed the hashemite kingdom this is seen as a relatively stable country in an extremely unstable region the question now though is just what is going to be the extent of the influence of the brotherhood beyond egypt and other countries where it has already come to the fall so if you look around here on the streets of amman and judging by the mood and judging by the turnout of the brotherhood it does seem as if the brotherhood support is in for the long haul we are likely to see more demonstrations like this in the jordanian capital placea r.t. amman jordan. policy is keeping you up to date on the rallies in jordan twenty four seven logon to twitter to find the pictures she's posted for the latest cvs in the
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protests hit capital of. clashes have taken place in several cities across italy as police dispersed students protesting against cuts in education funding so to say they have been beaten by clouds and several protesters have been detained into these the euro zone fourth largest economy and one of the worst hit by the economic crisis another trouble state greece announced a day i can only manage without another question of international aid until november greek m.p. eva kylie's says of the greek troubles one stop until either politicians change the approach. we have reached the unemployment like twenty five percent especially between young people it's fifty percent we have to start changing our plans we have to have changing their point of view because the recipe is not working this is the fifth year of depression hysterically measures are enough we have to change the way
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that we were looking at our economy. still ahead small cuts in europe as britain's military maneuvers the u.k. is cutting back on the fruits of its soldiers to free up cash and buy some high tech drones instead plus. we're going to go back to our top story now the conflict in syria and its potential to spread into turkey i'm joined live from beirut by dr franklin lamp who's going to talk to us about of the situation he's an international lawyer and political analyst good to see their doctor lam so many people in turkey seem to see the parliament's decision as a step towards war with syria do you see you are a little. not particularly i think it was expected the vote there was a debate it wasn't over overwhelming vote demonstrations and in some borders you
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know it's a it's a it's a response to syria but i don't think kids are anywhere near a declaration of war now syria is being really courses in the wake of the incident and the government told its military to keep as craft at least ten kilometers away from the take its border and to avoid a teller a fire they'd seen that if it continues this way will the tension ease off should we expect any provocations. well it's a provocation it'll probably come from the rebels or some of their allies wanting to spark a conflict but i think the syrian regime and the government in one car as well as the united nations united states the statements of the u.k. foreign minister everybody wants to avoid war on this issue even though
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it's the eighth time there's been a border incident following the shoot down of the of the aircraft i think everybody wants it to calm down i think it is calming down and unless something happens shortly the incident is probably over. now before we just get into our third question dr lemme just want to apologize for the quick delay we have here because you are live from beirut so we're just having a sly did they just let the audience know now even this situation ultimately played into the hands of the rebels are after all the border with turkey will become a safe haven for them now do they feel protected from the government troops. absolutely it plays in a very hands very the primary beneficiaries as you know right now one of the problems is that there is virtually
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a superhighway running from turkey into syria to transport supplies cash fighters and arms and that is a very serious situation but certainly the rebels are are the beneficiaries i think this is a substitute in a way on behalf of turkey because that nato is not going to help them out it doesn't look like the arab league is going to come to anything so they're disappointed with that so i think that. that superhighway and the events play into the hands of the rebels and will encourage more outsiders to come to syria. well we'll leave you dr de thank you very much franklin lamb international lawyer and political analyst joining us live from beirut. a lot more on the new serial of syria tensions as well as a timeline of events and analysis that dot com thank you also find more of the
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ripple effect of the on running syrian crisis. and iraq is definitely one of this. country's prime minister who says he's comedy brought three weapons and. russia may soon provide licenses to foreign companies to drill for oil in the. breaking move to attract foreign investment for about story and many others. the stunning beauty of reindeer gracefully dancing across the arctic tundra more than just a scenic image it is a way of life traditionally the nets people are nomadic reindeer herders and so in many ways they lead a simple and rustic life they're also highly skilled and organized in their tree.
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preparing for. response to summer depending. on the day we found this particular camp they were settled near the coast of the see here for families work together to manage nearly a thousand reindeer herding reindeer is not just a job for the people in fact they say it's a part of their entire culture heritage and way of life and back they say that they can use almost every single part of the reindeer to help them survive. the deer is a means of transportation. clothes and. but the outside and. the life in the tundra is harsh and so before winter hits many of the children are helicoptered to the center of the district and not even marked for boarding school . in the knesset students learn different languages utilize modern technologies
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through specialized grant programs and even learn arts skills all within a protected environment the school was founded and named for an tom petty atika scientist who wanted a better way of life for his people but even with the most progressive ideas and education many say they don't want to trade the modern life for their beloved tundra. but i have returned to the tundra and i actually like it here if you're outside there's fresh air fresh water looks at the site you can see deer it's a joyful sight. a sentiment that hopefully ensures that russia's northern reindeer will have caretakers for generations to come.
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welcome back you're watching our team now in britain the army is the latest victim of the financial of heave thousands of u.k. soldiers have been told not to report for duty come the new yeah but as artie's party boy can report when it comes to funding expensive war toys britain apparently has money to. the number of soldiers in the british army is being cut back by a fifth as you can see here that's quite a significant reduction is going to mean the smallest british army since before the napoleonic wars eight thousand u.k. troops face christmas as unemployed civilians defense secretary philip hammond insists the cuts a necessary to balance the defense budget yet at the same time the u.k. is committed to remaining one of the biggest military spending is in the world well any modern army even if it cuts its troops needs up to date equipment but take
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a look at these the british government has spent some two billion pounds on developing remote control attack drones since two thousand and seven but homegrown u.k. drones don't have a good track record how about the watch keeper drone this nifty piece of military equipment has already cost the u.k. taxpayers about eight hundred million pounds it was meant to be up and flying by now it isn't yet ready and now running two under half years late the want to keep its predecessor it was a drone called the phoenix that proved so unreliable that an army suckles it became known as the bugger off because it often left on missions never to return the phoenix was such an epic fail that it was used as an example of the quote dismal failure of the british built drone for systems engineering students in one u.k. university and the cost of this techno flop two billion pounds in fact the ministry of defense is attempt to balance its books has actually contributed to an increase
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in spending on equipment something those troops facing their final paycheck in the coming weeks will find hard to stomach. r.t. . well stories of features videos and analysis is in store for you on the web including. tragically remark online we've got the story of a russian student two found himself severely beaten in a canadian hospital bed after making anyone conkers remark. in class how making cars more eco friendly is proving harmful to millions had online the and why lands are sold for biofuel into lopin countries is putting people on the brink of starvation.
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absalom and bird to the fall campaign of venezuela is now brace for the first presidential election in six years this sunday but it's kind of insane come chavez and his rival and link up the alice certainly made the voice of their last day on the campaign trail the elections receive huge attention from the international media though it may be focused on the opposition candidate who's seeking to unforeseen to the country's long term socialist leader but despite being logic nordo broad popular support for chavez does not seem to be shrinking soft american political analyst. explains why washington wants to see chavez out so desperately. seeking a stance which is very high throughout many facets of life in america showing that the united states. not just in the middle east but worldwide and not so much. by the united states especially at a time when in two thousand and eight the united states has reactivated the south
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atlantic and now we have a very strong military presence throughout latin america in the south atlantic just as. you have engineered insurrection and civil war which seems to be washington specialization in the so-called arab spring in the theater here and that we will be seeing a latin americans with different characteristics but where the united states will meddle in the internal affairs of just like them is where the and they will even activate a generalized latin american spring with will be turmoil social unrest and even civil war. there as president is being sued by chinese owned company for blocking its plan to wind farm investments only with territory the firm believe that barack obama acted lawfully when he banned the operate on national security concerns with only a month left before the us elections professor joseph chang and believes obama is
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just trying to score cheap popularity a point there is to contain china not to are now trying to church out of there where is a certain belief in discrimination against time no there are two levels of concerns over the use one is the general in command of the united states to china china certainly wants to turn the bonds countries that world and it is to acquire technology management know how and so on from the united states and other western countries the other concern of course is the you know action campaign gimmicks or your action campaign politics is a very under our time no reason president you know action campaigns and see under the candidate to engage in time your mastery just as they did in so and
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bashing in the eighty's and ninety's. some more international news in grief a double bombing killed five and nudity to six people in southeastern baghdad the explosions were near sure mosque him and nearby police checkpoint after friday's prayers al qaeda has claimed responsibility for wave of attacks in recent days. israeli police clashed with dozens of palestinians in jerusalem's old city it happened outside a compound containing the dome of the rock and the al aksa mosque one of the islam was holiest sites police used stun grenades to dispose a rock throwing rioters two people were slightly injured and one person was arrested for tempting to stab a policeman as he was being taken into custody. nineteen people eighteen of them children have been killed in the landslide in southwest china they were trapped inside a school which was buried under mars and rocks the disaster also blocked to the
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river below flooding the area and hampering rescue efforts more than eighty people in the same region have died following as quakes and landslides last month alone. they are facts of the afghan war continue to ripple out far beyond its border in india entire farming communities have been devastated by the influx of cheap afghan heroin and anger over the issue has been directed at the us which refuses to go after the drug lords for fear of driving them into the arms of the insurgency artie's previous rita reports. almost two thousand kilometers from the war zone in afghanistan women like smith rocor are fighting a battle of their own in punjab india you know my son lives with me we lost his father to drugs and recently lost his brother to drugs everyone in the neighborhood is up to you and taking up drugs and if my son or i don't i am who will look after
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the children. once known as one of the most prosperous states in india punjab is now one of the biggest drug trafficking hubs in the world officials say most of the confiscated drugs are coming from nearby afghanistan the largest global producer of opium and the situation is getting worse the united nations has reported that opium production has more than doubled in afghanistan since the united states invaded the country in two thousand and one critics say that nato and the united states have not done enough to eradicate the narcotics producing poppy fields which they say is the afghans biggest source of income. is such a culture would lead is such a bankrupt lead used to its condition. trysts. are resistant to anything you see the community is hardened it's of so much so they're not going to listen to you if you say looks nice you know stop going to
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await the drug addiction problem in punjab this becomes so bad that at spirit say that one in three people are actually addicted to drugs and in this area alone people say that seventy percent of the people between the ages of fifteen and thirty five are visits to drugs and that's not good news for these women smithville corps community has now become known as the village of widows because of all the men who have died from drug addiction. now many bring their children to this. pool where sixteen percent of the six hundred fifty children are orphans most of their parents died from drug related debts mainly through private donations they are all able to get an education for free but it's little consolation for what many fear could become a lost generation in punjab if more action against drug trafficking isn't taken
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if something happens to my son what will happen to the family where will we go can i bring them up myself far from the bullets and explosives in afghanistan the people of punjab wonder how they too can escape the war that has started to impact millions of their own preassure either r t india and if you meant it as a dimitri has this all as business update stay with us. wealthy british style. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two causes
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a report on our. overcoming a barrier like this seems possible. but then you crave something higher. and when you reach stuff you. know do whatever it takes to get all the talk of the world on r.t.c. .
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the. welcome to the business. to me treatment for danko now russia may make
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a groundbreaking move in order to attract foreign investment and that says it could possibly soon grant licenses to develop while in the. pool explains the deal to contains at least one fifth of the world's untapped hydrocarbon reserves and the largest part of that territory of course belongs to russia but russia is aware that there is a problem in getting those resources out is enormously expensive and take the key very challenging no a number of deals have been done with west of oil which all needed for their financial backing and technical expertise these include the us six zero mobile any and the weight stats will put to sweeten the all to. alexandra nowak the energy minister here says the government is considering allowing foreign oil to own the licenses that they operate this would be a radical departure normally what happens here is the only role and gazprom the big .


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